Tekla Launches Structural Designer


A Powerful New Way for Engineers to Analyse and Design Buildings

Tekla, a Trimble company, announced it has added a product to its portfolio, Tekla Structural Designer; a dedicated analysis and design software for structural engineers working on commercial building projects. Tekla Structural Designer complements Tekla Structures – extending the benefits of 3D modelling for engineers with an innovative approach that combines analysis and design into a single, seamless process. Tekla Structural Designer’s sophisticated loading and analysis functionality, fully automated design, high quality documentation and seamless Building Information Modelling (BIM) collaboration allows engineers to analyse and design buildings more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tekla Structural Designer offers powerful features for optimising concrete and steel design, and enables engineers to compare alternative design schemes quickly, efficiently manage changes and collaborate seamlessly. Regardless of project size or complexity, Tekla Structural Designer’s fully automated, productivity-enhancing capabilities enable engineering firms to successfully bid on more projects and enhance their client service.

“Many of us at Tekla are engineers ourselves and understand the importance that productivity, value engineering, constructability and change management play in the design and build process,” said Barry Chapman, Director of Engineering Segment at Tekla.

“We have created and added Tekla Structural Designer to our Tekla product portfolio to further extend the benefits of 3D modelling directly to engineers, by bringing them the power to analyse and design better in a way that can save time, cut costs and provide a competitive edge.”

Tekla Structural Designer: Meeting the Real-World Needs and Challenges of Engineers

Improving Productivity – By enabling structural engineers to create a single analysis and design model, Tekla Structural Designer eliminates the need for post-processing analysis results. Fully automated loading and design includes wind loading and finite element analysis for faster design times, while product documentation is automatically produced, allowing engineers to make informed decisions at every stage of a project.

Bidding Projects to Win – Structural engineers can quickly create and compare multiple design options for determining the most competitive scheme to successfully bid on more projects.

Streamlining Change Management – With Tekla Structural Designer, changes can be easily managed, reducing response time at any stage of a project. The changes can be applied across the entire model to instantly assess impact and automatically get a re-design in seconds. Calculation reports that automatically update eliminate the need to generate new reports manually when changes occur.

Enhancing BIM Collaboration and Integration – This was in mind when Tekla Structural Designer was developed. Structural engineers can synchronise models repeatedly with Tekla Structures and other tools without compromising vital design data. Tekla Structural Designer’s auditing tools let engineers see what has been added, changed or deleted during integration, reducing the risk of errors and maximising collaboration with other project team members, including technicians, fabricators and architects. Internal communication within the structural design office between structural engineers and technicians is more fluent and accurate.

Cost Savings and Convenience – With all structural analysis and design functions combined into a single solution, Tekla Structural Designer eliminates the need for additional modules or software packages to buy, maintain, learn or integrate with.

Tekla Structural Designer is available now to a range of design codes, including British Standards, Eurocode and US design code. It offers a range of services including local technical support provided by experienced structural engineers and an online knowledge base with learning materials.

For more information, visit www.tekla.com/tekla-structural-designer


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