UK BIM Alliance will drive leadership for implementation of BIM Level 2


An industry alliance has been set up to respond to the challenges set by government in meeting the requirements of BIM Level 2

Set to be officially launched in October of this year, the group has been branded the UK BIM Alliance and will provide a common and clear point of reference for built environment companies of all disciplines, with a view to enabling and supporting their BIM journeys.

It is clear that following the successful activity of the UK BIM Task Group over the past four years in defining and implementing BIM Level 2 within Government Departments, the challenge now is to transition from mobilisation for BIM Level 2 to creating ‘business as usual’ for the entire industry – and not just for the centrally procured public sector projects.

The UK BIM Alliance is working towards an official launch in October 2016, spanning the ICE BIM Conference and Digital Construction Week – but is already working on coordination, common messaging and common understanding across what is, at the moment, a coalition of over 50 organisations and growing –  and how to realise the essential continuation of shared innovation, planning and commitment.

Anne Kemp, speaking on behalf of the transition team, added: “It is time for industry to step up, and provide the necessary leadership to drive implementation of BIM Level 2 across the wider industry. The purpose of this Alliance is to lead the industry-wide drive for awareness, education and adoption of BIM Level 2 compliance and its universal benefits.

Upon its launch in October, the UK BIM Alliance will provide clear, guiding leadership for industry on BIM Level 2 which makes the true benefits – the cost and waste reductions; the increased productivity and competitiveness – easily understandable and obtainable for all.  This will build on, and remain aligned with the Government’s programme for publicly procured projects”

“We are currently shaping the objectives, structure and governance of the Alliance, which will be dedicated to embedding BIM across the whole of the market. Collaboration and inclusivity will be at the heart of our approach. We will hit the ground running.”



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