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You might be wondering where to start with BIM and where you can get help and information, so I’m going to share with you a few resources that are free that you can access right now

The BIM Regions –

The Regions (previously known as the Regional BIM Hubs) were set up in partnership with the BIM Task Group and the Construction Industry Council in 2012. We’ve recently rebranded as the BIM Regions.

There are regional groups covering the whole of the UK that provide occasional meetings, and points of contact and further information.

We are the only national independent network providing information about BIM – we are run by volunteers, many of whom are leading figures in the UK BIM movement. We receive no central, government or public funding. We are totally reliant on goodwill, enthusiasm and sponsorship! Attendees include clients, designers, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and facilities managers – the whole spectrum of our industry. Large and small businesses and SME’s alike.

However, at our meetings you will find people ranging from beginners to experts, and everyone in between, willing to share experience, knowledge and many questions!

As they say it’s good to talk! To find your local contacts check the web address above.

We’re currently updating our site but you’ll find who to get in touch with, and more information later on in the year.

A current example of a course we’re running with the University of Westminster, can be found here.

The B1M –

Put together by Fred Mills, Tom Payne and the team, this is basically YouTube for BIM!

Here you will find short videos to explain different aspects of BIM. Definitely worth visiting and signing up for.

BIM for Beginners is here.

#UKBIM2 – A Short Guide

I’ve written a short guide to UK BIM Level 2.

It is available here on The B1M as a free download.

It’s a short concise guide, covering the basics of BIM, Level 2 and key documents, some guidance for SME’s and pointers to other resources that are available, most of which are free. It won’t give you all the answers and isn’t meant to, but if you’ve heard about BIM and are not sure where to start then this might help. I’ve written it to supplement the talks that I sometimes give and also just to try to pull together into one place the guidance that is out there at the moment.

As you might know there are lots of active BIM groups in the UK. Believe it or not we are trying to work together and speak one message. But essentially this is about transforming our industry, moving into the digital information age, just like the rest of our daily lives and communities. Some would say “and about time too, and let’s hurry up!” Others are not convinced. However, make no mistake this digital revolution is both irresistible and totally inevitable. It’s only a matter of time. The smart money will favour those who adapt to survive… so do it first!


John Eynon


Open Water consulting


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