Vico Office: realising the benefits for BIM implementation


Implementing Vico Office has enabled Baxall Construction to further its enthusiasm for BIM innovation, realising the opportunities to improve project delivery

Our clients, the Kent-based contractor Baxall Construction, have recently been recognised at the BIM4SME Awards 2016 by winning “Best Use of BIM for Innovation” category.

Established in 1964, Baxall Construction has been an early adopter of BIM, having started their BIM journey just over two years ago and have continued to drive their commitment throughout the company and to external stakeholders.

To complement its BIM capability, Baxall Construction selected Rapid5D to provide Vico Office™ and Trimble Connect software, support and training. They have developed their capabilities through investment, research and embracement of BIM innovation, realising the opportunities to improve project delivery.

“The ongoing support, workshops, presentations and bespoke software training provided by Rapid5D has proved invaluable since we introduced Vico software to our processes. Their BIM consultants have become an integral part of our team, sharing their skills and knowledge and facilitating the introduction of next generation software that now allows us to offer a truly integrated 4D and 5D BIM solution.”
Malcolm Clarke  – Managing Director – Baxall Construction

Trimble Vico Office delivers an integrated BIM workflow for construction projects, extending the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, quantity takeoff, 4D location-based scheduling and production control, 5D costing/estimating, and layout. The capability of being able to use 3D information to cost, programme and verify, enables early identification of buildability issues and design coordination.

So what do Baxall say about Vico Office?

“We procured Vico Office because we wanted to find a more efficient use of the model and the information contained within to develop pricing, programme and simulation of the construction process. Vico Office gives us the ability to integrate 3D (model development), 4D (programming simulation) and 5D (costing/ estimating). The software has been rolled out to all operational teams including our Estimators and Design Managers.

“The capability of being able to use 3D information to cost, programme and verify has enabled early identification of buildability issues and design co-ordination which otherwise would not have been so easily identified and corrected at an early stage (and essentially before works on site). We have hence reduced waste, time, resource and cost. Our profitability over the last two years has subsequently improved (increasing threefold), and we are now able to reduce our cost base in collaboration with our supply chain while still maintaining a sustainable profit.”

Trimble Connect brings people, technology & information together, by allowing everyone involved in a project to see the big picture right down to the minutest detail. At Baxall, Trimble Connect has provided a Common Data Environment to share project information across internal and external teams (client, supply chain, architect and consultants). All parties are now able to access in ‘real time’ project information and data and identify actions and approvals required. The benefits have been far greater efficiency and reduced waste, time and replication.

Here are some of the stats that Baxall have produced from their BIM journey so far:-

Benefit Benefit Realised Benefit Benefit Realised
Clearer design process Cradle Hill Primary School – We have achieved a planning stage design within budget (originally circa £400,000 over budget at feasibility)
Early identification of
Knights Park Primary School – The BIM model identified the unsuitable location of an air-conditioning unit which was subsequently relocated prior to works commencing
Technology efficiencies Cradle Hill Primary School – Using VICO Office, we were able to do a take-off and fully costed budget in a matter of days as opposed to weeks
Efficiencies of Modern
Methods of Construction St
Georges Primary School – We have reduced the programme by eight weeks and met the client budget
Far greater client and team
Holborough Lakes Primary School – KPI Feedback on Baxall Performance (KCC): Quality of Work, Performance, Design, Safety, Management of Sub-Contractors, Time Management, Collaborative Approach and Customer Satisfaction = 4/5
Stronger, positive and trusting relationships with contract partners “Working collaboratively with Baxall and the other consultant partners in a BIM environment on projects such as Holborough Lakes and Knights Park Primary Schools has generated not only project efficiencies but significantly cemented far stronger working relationships between us all.”
James Robson, Partner, HMY Architects
Greater predictability on site allowing shorter more accurate programming West Rise School – a BIM/ MMC solution reduced programme by eight weeks
Competitive advantage/
increased commercial benefit
Three-fold increase in profitability where BIM has been used

Baxall understands that BIM is as much about information sharing and a collaborative ‘team’ approach as it is about a 3D model.

The principles of BIM reflect what Baxall have always believed in and tried to deliver; essentially BIM mirrors their core values. ‘Buildings Built on Teamwork’ has been the company’s strapline since the 1990’s, and this is exactly how they work; the introduction of BIM has effectively been welcomed with open arms and subsequently driven.

Since adopting BIM two years ago, Baxall has experienced numerous benefits; quite simply, the business case for BIM is clear – reduced waste + increased efficiencies, quality management, profitability, sustainability and customer satisfaction = a more sustainable business model.

We are very proud of the success Baxall has achieved and look forward to working with them to continue to produce further benefits and business success.

The question you need to ask yourself and your project teams is: “Do we want to put aside time and resources to start our BIM journey today to obtain the benefits for tomorrow and achieve success on all our future projects, or shall we put it off, risk getting left behind then panic when it’s too late?”

You can read the full Baxall case study by visiting our website


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