[Video] First 3D printed home in US handed over by Habitat for Humanity


The first 3D printed home to be completed by Habitat for Humanity in the United States was handed over to its new owner on 21 December

Habitat for Humanity Peninsula & Greater Williamsburg partnered with 3D printing construction specialist Alquist 3D, James City County and many others to build the three-bedroom property in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The construction crew printed the 1,200 sq ft home in 28 hours, reducing the standard construction schedule by around four weeks.

Concrete walls reduced building costs and heating

Alquist’s use of concrete for the walls rather than lumber saved an estimated 15% per square foot in building costs, while reducing heating and cooling costs, and providing greater resistance to tornado and hurricane damage.

The new home’s owner, April, logged 300 volunteer hours helping the construction crew and working in the Habitat ReStore in Williamsburg as part of the Habitat Homebuyer Programme.

The full-time hotel employee will pay back a no-interest mortgage to her local Habitat affiliate, with funds earmarked to build more homes for low- and moderateincome families.

Habitat for Humanity works with volunteers to deliver affordable houses

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linder Fuller with the concept of “partnership housing”, which sees those in need work alongside with volunteers to build affordable houses.

The organisation’s volunteers famously included former US president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn.

Today, Habitat for Humanity works in all 50 US states and 70 countries worldwide, and has helped more than 39m people to secure their accommodation.


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