‘Bounceback Innovation Challenge’ to tackle Covid-19 impact

Bounceback Innovation Challenge

Amey is launching an internal Bounceback Innovation Challenge to develop solutions that will help the industry better cope with the challenges posed by the coronavirus

As the government continues to ease restrictions for businesses and communities, the social and economic impacts are likely to continue for some time. With most of Amey’s workforce classed as key workers many of its sites have remained operational, but with restricted ways of working.

As the country enters a ‘new normal’, innovative methods of operating are needed to ensure contractors and employees can remain safe and productive. Amey is helping to tackle this by launching a campaign to find solutions that will allow people to continue working while coronavirus is still in the community.

It is hoped that the Bounceback Innovation Challenge will generate meaningful, deliverable ideas for how Amey and its stakeholders can recover, improve and transform using the otherwise devastating Covid-19 crisis as a catalyst for change.

Amey is looking for ideas such as distancing apps, redesigned PPE, and other solutions to help support physical and mental wellbeing.

Amey has opened the Bounceback Innovation Challenge to employees and selected members of its supply chain community.

Creativity and fresh thinking

Amey strategy & development director, John Faulkner, said: “The coronavirus is presenting the industry with unprecedented challenges.

“We need creativity and fresh thinking to revolutionise the way we operate.

“People’s health and safety need to be at the heart of how we do this, and we are looking to collaborate with supply chain and employees to find a way of getting through this crisis.”


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