Ahead of the Building Innovation Awards on 23 October in Manchester, PBC Today is taking a look at the nominees in the Best Use of Emerging Technology category

This award will celebrate the cutting-edge of construction, from AI, VR and 3D printing to blockchain, the IoT, robotics and much more, showing how embracing these technologies is delivering benefits on site, driving efficiency, quality and savings.

The nominees are:

Cool Blue Brand Communications

Cool Blue is a strategic solutions provider who has developed a creative, engaging and compelling augmented reality experience for the property and construction sector. Their Pocket Property system allows users to explore, configure and even walk around a building, long before construction starts.

Using the existing 3D assets created by building information modelling systems, Cool Blue has reduced the time required to create such experiences from weeks to days and make the costs very affordable.

Grain Connect

Innovation and doing things differently, driving change and pushing the boundaries of the telecoms industry within the residential market is what Grain does. Full Fibre Gigabit connection delivered to each home proactively, live on day one, free for customers to trial while settling into their new homes.

Hire Association Europe

Hire Association Europe (HAE) has developed V-Hire, a virtual reality competence and safety checking system for the tools and equipment hire industry. V-Hire will check and assess a person’s knowledge and competence on a range of tool and equipment types, enabling hire companies to be sure staff and customers understand how to safely use the items they wish to hire, ultimately reducing accidents and improving safety in the construction workplace.

Joule Group

Joule Group is an independent firm of fire safety designers, engineers, consultants and technology solutions specialists. They strive to ensure all aspects of fire safety are balanced and fully coordinated in design, construction and operation. Core to their mission is “creating a safer, more sustainable world through industry-leading, disruptive, transformational technology”.

MacRail Systems

Fatigue360 has been developed as an end-to-end fatigue risk management and job planning tool, enabling planners and rosters to monitor the fatigue of their workforce. This unique system, originally designed for the rail industry, allows worksites to plan and manage, not only working hours but also the travel and rest periods around work shifts. The software has been developed to align with health and safety industry standards on fatigue management.


Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology as standard for every project, Märraum transports its clients into the heart of their design. VR lets clients experience first-hand how their new home will look, from the sizing of rooms and the heights of ceilings to how light affects the space, sharpening the vision, testing out the design and removing uncertainties before the build begins.


ProDroneWorx believes that the reality capture data outputs created from drone technology using photogrammetry or LiDAR are starting to transform traditional business models, helping to reshape the construction and infrastructure markets. This is happening through the improved management of assets digitally, deeper data insights, better collaboration on projects, improved data deliverables to clients, cost reductions and the reduction of risk.

The winner will be announced at the Building Innovation Awards at The Midland Hotel, Manchester, on 23 October.


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