B+K trials app for greener and safer construction sites

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Bowmer + Kirkland, in partnership with the Construction Logistics and Community Safety Organisation (CLOCS), has been trialling an app that will help make construction journeys greener, safer and more efficient

Contractors will be able to view driver feedback on the CLOCS Vox online dashboard and if necessary make improvements to their logistics plans based on the experiences of drivers delivering to their sites.

CLOCS Vox aims to drive safety standards up and injuries/fatalities down – with more efficient journeys and less time waiting at site.

It’s free & helps drive safer, greener and more efficient construction journeys.

Drivers can rate the sites they visit by sending anonymous feedback based on five key areas.

Key areas:

  • Whether the delivery was accepted or refused (and reason for refusal)
  • Clarity of ‘last mile’ route and instructions
  • Whether they arrived/left as scheduled
  • The gate team (fairness and efficiency)
  • Ground conditions (including access for low entry cabs)

Rebecca Williams, B+K health, safety & wellbeing manager, said: “The app was easy to integrate into our gate team’s duties.

“They found it a good talking point. From a monitoring perspective, the online dashboard enables us to review trends and learn from the information that it can provide.”

The app is now available to use for delivery drivers and contractors.


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