How Build Aviator can help you cut out late night quoting

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Do you find yourself thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Estimating more when the sun sets rather than when it rises? Working into the night and feeling like you’re chained to your desk? Well, you might take comfort in knowing you’re not the only one

A recent survey revealed that only 11% of construction workers complete their estimating in normal working hours. After a long and exhausting day on site you would probably just love to come home, put your feet up and spend time with those who matter most. But in reality, you’re actually coming home to a night of writing detailed quotes and pricing work, to secure a steady flow of work for the business. If this sounds like you, you’ll be relieved to hear that there is a solution out there for you. 

Build Aviator’s cloud-based suite of software is the answer to all your late night quoting problems. The software helps you price a variety of works from small construction jobs, conversions and alterations to new-builds and extensions.

Build Aviator also offer services to ensure you’re compliant and meet the energy performance requirements throughout your build. There’s a product to suit everyone, to ensure you find the right fit, you can find a brief description of each software package below. 

Aviator Raptor – It’s the most comprehensive software for accurately estimating new builds and extensions. By taking you through the project logically, from site set-up right through to completion, you not only save time but also get complete satisfaction knowing that nothing has been forgotten about. The pack includes Build Aviator Raptor software, full customer support and upgrades.

Aviator Lite – Perfect for pricing smaller works, trade specific tasks, conversions and alterations. The program contains over 180 modules, it allows you to cut out late night quoting by generating  a material order, bill of quantities and written quote for you and your customers. The pack includes Build Aviator Lite software, full customer support and upgrades. 

General Builder Pack – Designed for builders who carry out a variety of different jobs – anything from small alterations to extensions and new builds. The pack includes Build Aviator Raptor and Build, Aviator Lite software with full customer support.

Self Build Pack – By providing you with the costs to help you keep in budget and work schedules and material order sheets to keep your project on track, this pack helps you project manage your build, and prevent the common hold ups that many self builders experience (as you’ve probably seen on Grand Designs)! It includes Build Aviator Estimating service, SAP and Registered Construction Details, which are essential to achieving build signoff. In addition to all this, it also includes Build Aviator Raptor and Lite software, along with amendments, combiner and upgrades. 

How will it help me and my business? 

With 50% of builders saying they find estimating frustrating because it takes up so much time, the software allows you to save time, price up jobs on any device connected to the internet, quote more accurately resulting in reducing the time spent estimating by up to 80% and, most importantly, win more work. 


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