Causeway-Ermeo acquisition to create most powerful digital platform for construction

Construction worker using tablet computer online at the construction site
© Robert Kneschke

Causeway is on a mission to create the most powerful digital platform for the construction industry with the acquisition of mobile development company, Ermeo

Causeway Ermeo provides Field Service Management (FSM) solutions that connect site and office-based teams and help businesses to digitise their workflows, improving data capture and collaboration.

Built on mobile-first principles, the platform allows companies to build and structure their own forms and field-based processes, all accessed and managed via mobile apps.

The system integrates with external data sources which can be synchronised directly with the forms, bringing all key data into one place.

Accessible on IOS and Android in both online or offline mode, the solution is already being used by customers including Total, Colas Rail, Eiffage and Spie to dematerialise and standardise their field based processes and approval flows.

Highly configurable digital platform for construction, integrating with back-office applications

Phil Brown, chief executive and chairman at Causeway, said: “Ermeo has invested heavily in developing a next-generation, highly configurable mobile platform that readily integrates with back-office applications.

“This ‘no-code’ solution brings all data and processes into one place, avoiding repetition, inefficient workarounds and potential data loss. This reduces risk and improves the effective delivery of field-based activities.

Causeway customers can accelerate digital plans with Ermeo’s flexible technology

“As digital technologies become the norm in construction, we are seeing more demand for digitising frontline operations. By bringing Ermeo’s flexible technology and knowledgeable product development teams on board we’ll be able to make sure that the Causeway customers can accelerate their digital plans.”

Find out more about Causeway Ermeo here. 


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