Construction project management specialists bring teams together


Construction project management specialists, Copronet, takes a look at the ‘new normal’ for the construction industry as a result of Covid-19

It is quite incredible when you start contemplating some of the changes that the construction industry and construction project management professionals are having to get used to, at least in the short term.

These changes include:

  • No handshakes
  • No round-table meetings
  • New ways of working on site
  • Social distancing.

And we are having to innovate. We are getting used to using Zoom, teams and other connective tools so this crisis is directly speeding up the process of digitisation.

Construction project management solutions

Copronet has always sought to bring quality technological solutions to the broadest range of industry participants as possible. And when we discovered the core technology that is used to power the likes of Aconex and Procore we thought that would be a great addition to our toolbox. And it could not be more timely.

So, now, Copronet users can collaborate with internal and external teams on their documents and drawings in “real time” – we are talking milliseconds. You don’t have to download drawings, annotate, scan and send back via the ether. For instance, the entire team can view the dwg file that has been uploaded, talk about it using a good old-fashioned telephone (or screen share with Zoom if you are feeling really bold) and annotate it as everyone watches. And the whole design team can then annotate, draw or amend.

The possibilities that start to open up are immense. Technology such as Copronet can end up speeding up the design process. Not just by removing the very need for face to face meetings but by removing errors and the need for rework from the design stage itself.

And for communicating with on-site teams, amendments and up to date versions can be shared electronically and instantly. Armed with an iPad or a mobile phone, on-site operatives can view and mark up drawings without the need for crowding around a paper drawing in the site office.

Architects and their clients can consult in real time. Planning consultants can discuss their proposals with the Planning Officer. The possibilities of this new remote way of working are almost limitless.

That’s not to say that we are all going to miss those all-important social interactions – the protracted design meeting that is ultimately rewarded with a cold glass of something. But, at least for now, there are things that we can all be doing easily (and without cost for small teams on Copronet) to keep going in some way shape or form.


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