Quartix and Fleet Focus team up to launch dashcam integration


Quartix Ltd has partnered with camera and vehicle safety company, Fleet Focus, to launch an integrated dashcam solution

Quartix users can request footage for specific data points on integrated dashcam, down to the precise second in time, to help investigate any incidents. This is particularly useful in accusations of erratic driving and ensures issues are dealt with efficiently and accurately.

The two services work in conjunction; if a recording isn’t available on the Fleet Focus server when a Quartix user requests it, Fleet Focus makes it available on the Cloud.

The Quartix system also triggers downloads from the integrated dashcam for all speed events logged by the system. The Cloud-based solution means that footage is accessible and backed up whenever it is needed. 

Quartix customers can use the FF2000 vehicle connected camera to capture HD 1080p footage of any trip that their drivers make and view these within the Quartix vehicle tracking system. 

The FF2000 camera, available via a Fleet Focus subscription, automatically uploads key event footage to the Fleet Focus Cloud where the data is stored for up to three months. Designed to detect significant G-Force events, accidents or speeding events, the FF2000 will automatically upload specific footage for Quartix users to download and review. 

Graham Plummer, sales director at Fleet Focus, said: “We’re excited about working with Quartix as the leading provider of GPS vehicle tracking for large and small fleets in the UK”. 

On working with Fleet Focus, managing director, Andy Walters, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this valuable new feature to our customers and look forward to working with Fleet Focus on this innovative project.”


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