Estimators: Why automate takeoffs?


As an estimator, you know takeoffs are a major part of every project – varying from simple square footage measurements to more complex takeoffs including fixtures, wiring and glazing

No matter the space being measured, it is undoubtedly a time-consuming task to do manually. You shouldn’t have to rely on highlighters and a scale ruler every time a takeoff needs completing – it ebbs away at already-small margins.

Why automate takeoffs?

That is where the On-Screen Takeoff function in Access ConQuest Estimating can help. Choosing to automate increases accuracy and speed and therefore saves money.

On-Screen Takeoff allows you to measure and extract information from widely used electronic formats – such as PDF, CAD and BIM – without leaving the estimating system. Extracted information is then automatically transferred to your bill or BIM sheet. No manual data entry is required, dramatically reducing the risk of errors.

All-in-one solution

Standalone takeoff solutions usually only address the problems associated with extracting data from blueprints. What you get with On-Screen Takeoff and Access ConQuest Estimating is the automatic estimation of the costs and materials required. Therefore, not only can you measure up a project quickly, you know how much the project will cost without having to switch between different pieces of software.

Watch our on-demand webinar below to find out more.

For the future

The construction industry is seeing a digital transformation, but slower than other industries. For an industry with such small margins, investment in software helps your business safeguard those margins – and improve them. Not everything can be controlled, but manual tasks, human error and data entry should not be the reason your business loses out.

The On-Screen Takeoff feature saves time and money – and it is just the start of what Access ConQuest Estimating can do.


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