Non-contact facial recognition technology assists contractors

facial recognition, construction contractors,

Causeway’s industry-leading Donseed solution provides contractors with complete and detailed views of projects by accurately verifying identity at sign-in on site

Dominant among the digital solutions enabling construction contractors of all sizes to better manage on-site risks, labour resources, site access and health and safety compliance is biometric technology, which promises countless benefits to adopters.

Research conducted by Causeway in 2019 revealed that just under half (48%) of respondents said that they are planning to invest in new technology – such as biometrics – in the next 12 months to help better control construction site workforce.

The Causeway Donseed solution is at the forefront of such solutions; its cloud-based biometric technology has been designed for the full range of construction contractors, from specialist start-ups to main contractors.

In addition to fingerprint technology, the Causeway Donseed solution has built-in IR facial recognition algorithm and technology.

This industry-leading technology is already providing numerous contractors with complete and detailed views of projects, by accurately verifying identity at sign-in on site.

It is quickly enabling contractors to capture and view the real-time business intelligence that they need to identify, monitor and minimise risks – such as time and attendance or resource levels – so that they can manage projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

facial recognition, construction contractors,

Biometric identifiers

Unlike passwords, fobs, smartcards or paper timesheets, which have been traditionally used in construction labour management, biometric identifiers are a much more secure and accurate way of identifying people attending your sites.

By ensuring that project data is consistent, reliable and accurate at the front-end, the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution can, therefore, provide significant project insights to construction contractors. A contractor’s data is accessible in real-time via the Causeway Donseed cloud-based portal.

For example, the forward-thinking contractors that have already deployed biometric technology on-site responded to Causeway’s research by saying that they are producing labour cost savings of up to 20% on average, compared with paper.

Ultimately, biometric technology is an enabler that helps to ensure a contractor’s data is reliable and accurate.

It’s an on-site approach to on-site risks.

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