Arcadis has been signed as the newest affiliate partner to The University of Manchester’s Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC)

Arcadis will join a cross-section of industry leaders from across multiple sectors, contributing insight, expertise and leadership to help advance graphene applications and processes. Arcadis will be contributing specifically in relation to the development of construction related innovations. 

The design and consultancy company already has a strong relationship with the university, having led the delivery of the National Graphene Institute, GEIC and the Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials, in addition to a number of other facilities, since 2012.

Arcadis is also currently acting as cost manager for the Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MEC-D) – one of the largest single construction projects undertaken by any higher education institution in the UK.

Building on this experience of working closely with the university and across the UK, Arcadis will contribute to technical and business development, collaborating with the GEIC to explore and test opportunities for Graphene applications in the construction sector.

Arcadis will also be introducing clients and supply chain members to the collaboration process, in a bid to further enhance Graphene applications.

Graphene was first isolated at The University of Manchester, and now the focus of global research and commercialisation activities. Many novel Graphene applications have already been identified; including next-generation construction materials, use in photovoltaic cells and impermeable paint.

The university’s facilities will form the heart of an ambitious vision for Manchester’s ‘Graphene City’, which will be centred on the GEIC. This will lead the development of new technologies, products and processes that make use of and commercialise 2D materials.

The GEIC complements the National Graphene Institute’s international research focus by concentrating on multi-faceted, industry-led applications development. The key areas within the new building include; pilot productions, characterisation and material development.

Mel Manku, UK science & education sector leader at Arcadis, commented: “Since 2012, we have been immersed in the university’s vision and objectives to globally lead the research and commercialisation of graphene and other 2D materials.

“While the facilities we have already delivered enable this vision to be realised, we have also been identifying strategic alternatives to support the University on its journey. It means that, together, we can accelerate outcomes which will benefit our industry through the use and application of more sustainable and innovative materials.

“We will be working with partners to explore and develop solutions quickly; test and move on. This aligns to Arcadis’ approach in the emerging world and we are extremely excited by this industry-first affiliation and partnership.”

James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester, added: “Arcadis has played a key part in the development and construction of the GEIC facility and we look forward to extending this partnership in developing the graphene supply-chain further for construction.

“Crucially, this partnership will form a key platform in the further development of ‘Graphene City’.”


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