Innovative solution to monitor subcontractor vehicles on HS2


Field service management software specialist, Totalmobile and Trimble have been awarded a contract to support transportation and logistics operations on the HS2

Totalmobile and Trimble have developed an innovative vehicle management booking system and integrated inventory management system.

Joint venture Eiffage Kier Ferrovial BAM (EKFB) awarded the contract to Totalmobile and Trimble to monitor, manage and analyse the status and location of its subcontractors’ vehicles and inventory in real-time

The cloud-based solution will provide EKFB with immediate oversight of the progress of thousands of trucks each day via a single dashboard, including detailed information on loads, collections and completed deliveries.

The software’s reporting and evaluation capabilities will allow EKFB to provide near real-time updates to HS2 Ltd, helping prevent potential delays and support contractor compliance while maximising value for the public purse.

The software will be able to track vehicles travelling to and from construction sites in real-time, minimising disruption to neighbouring towns and villages.

The new system combines Totalmobile’s Mobilise mobile workforce management application with the Trimble MAPS platform of commercial mapping, routing, navigation and location APIs.

Leveraging Trimble MAPS’ map visuals, route planning and execution cloud software, EKFB fleet managers will be able to plan routes that automatically factor strict capacity and routing compliance requirements determined by HS2.

EKFB’s subcontractors’ drivers will also be provided with Totalmobile’s Mobilise app integrated with Trimble’s CoPilot® truck-specific satellite navigation application.

This allows EKFB to communicate directly with each delivery vehicle, based on live data feeds and potential route deviation alerts from the system.

Maintaining oversight

Peter Bimson, operations director at EKFB, said: “EKFB is proud to have the opportunity on the HS2 project to lead the transformation of our industry.

“Historically, the management and monitoring of routes has been the responsibility of carriers or shippers; however, Totalmobile and Trimble’s innovative solution hands that control to us.

“It will help overcome the significant complexity associated with maintaining oversight of the hundreds of thousands of journeys when working at scale across such a large and diverse area.”

Jim Darragh, CEO at Totalmobile, commented: “Our collaboration with Trimble has combined our best-of-breed software to deliver a revolutionary system that will provide the levels of performance and compliance monitoring that is essential for major infrastructure projects.

“This system is the first of its kind in the market and a real game-changer. It will provide a complete overview, strong management tools and real-time reporting capabilities for complex multi-haulier logistics.

“We take real pride in working with EKFB to support the delivery of the UK’s largest infrastructure project. The work highlights the growing presence of Totalmobile software on major construction projects such as HS2 and Hinkley Point.”

Supporting commercial vehicles

Chris Quin, commercial director, Trimble MAPS Division, added: “We understand that our customers in the construction industry are faced with complicated transport requirements.

“Leveraging our strength in building solutions that are designed to support the unique needs of commercial vehicles operating on and off the construction site, we’ve developed a system with Totalmobile that will provide highly precise routing and guidance for workers to and from the service point on the site, down to the last mile.

“The solution will help minimise disruption to communities within the HS2 project area while ensuring EKFB meets its contractual obligations and responsibilities.

“This is an exciting collaboration for Trimble and Totalmobile to support EKFB by delivering technology that is focused on improving efficiency, compliance, and most importantly, driver safety to and at the site during the construction of HS2.”


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