COVID-19: Ferrovial uses 3D printing to craft protective equipment

protective equipment,

Ferrovial is using 3D printing to craft breathing devices and create protective equipment in an effort to help ease coronavirus pressures

In the current scenario caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, Ferrovial is delivering critical services maintaining hospitals, operating transportation infrastructure, and cleaning and maintaining cities. The R&D+I department has helped develop a website and an App to support potential positive cases, as well as crafting breathing devices and making protective equipment using 3D printing.

Ferrovial’s Digital Hub is working with a “maker” initiative to create assisted breathing devices using 3D printing and electronics.

So far, two prototypes have been built and will commence hospital tests early this week. The group includes teams from other companies as well as a community of 300 makers, doctors, etc.

Ferrovial is also participating in a group at the Jaén Technology Park using 3D printing to make personal protection equipment such as masks and face shields.

Ferrovial continues to deliver its services, which are classified as essential, after the declaration of the state of alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic. These critical services include ambulance transport, hospital maintenance and cleaning, street cleaning, and waste collection and treatment, all of which are essential for day-to-day operations.

Workplace measures taken by Ferrovial include work flexibility, remote working, travel freeze and providing appropriate protective equipment for the employees who require it.

In construction and services, Ferrovial said it is reorganising work while fulfilling all health and safety requirements. In some cases, work has been halted and contracts suspended, depending on the local situation.

 Construction services impact:

  • Construction could see widespread slowdowns or stoppage in the projects. The vast majority of Ferrovial’s contracts include Force Majeure clauses, which implies no penalties faced in the event of delays or execution suspension, and that part of the costs will be recovered. Governments are putting in place flexibility measures that will allow for cost reduction in the projects impacted by the current crisis. Until all the measures are fully defined by each government, it will be difficult to estimate financial impacts.
  • As for its services business, the company remains committed to the full divestment of the business although it expects delays in the process given the macroeconomic uncertainty, except for the closing of the Broadspectrum sale that is expected to close before the end of Q3.



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