How do you get the rest of your team on board for software investment?


If you’ve decided on a piece of software you think will benefit your business that is the easy part. Showing everyone else in the business the value of the software? That is the part that tends to be tricker

Even when the benefits of a new way of working can clearly be seen, making the change from how things are done now, to how things should be done in the future, can be a painful task. This can mean that even when a clear business need has been identified, such as a requirement for new estimating software, those driving the change will often be met with resistance, sometimes amongst immediate colleagues and peers and sometimes from the wider team.

While it is more comfortable for a team to continue working the way they have ‘always done things’, it doesn’t give your company the edge in a sector that has to monitor costs more closely than most.

Similarly, in an industry where time really is money, you need to show your team how and why new software will benefit the business as clearly and concisely as possible.

The Access Group has created this guide for those wanting to introduce new software into their organisation, and how you go about tackling reservations and building a strong business case for the software. Download your full guide below.




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