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Arup, Hippo Digital and Icebreaker One have been commissioned by the government to lead the next phase of its Energy Data Visibility Project (EDVP) to organise and improve access to the UK’s metadata

The aim of the project will be to help accelerate the journey to net-zero by making information more accessible to scale up renewable energy projects and enable new innovation.

The project, commissioned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will develop an innovative service that will unlock and centralise the UK’s current patchwork of energy metadata sources to improve their visibility and accuracy.

The EDVP project forms part of the Modernising Energy Data (MED) programmes being commissioned by BEIS, Ofgem and Innovate UK, which is leading the change towards a digital energy sector.

The EDVP aims to deliver:

  • Increases the visibility of energy system metadata (a description of the attributes of a dataset), by listing metadata centrally, to an agreed standard
  • Provides a mechanism for missing/closed data to be requested by energy system participants
  • Provides direct access to data that is open to the user
  • Allows data users to provide feedback on the quality of data
  • Collects service analytics.

Supporting a net-zero future

Tracy Green, client director Hippo Digital Limited, said: “Making energy data easier to find, access and use is critical to innovation in the sector and helping to meet our net-zero commitments.

“Taking a user-centred and iterative approach to designing and testing this service will ensure that it works for businesses and innovators to create new products and services.

“Working in collaboration with Arup and Icebreaker One means we are bringing all of the expertise together to deliver a quality service that opens up the data and means it can be used for good.”

Simon Evans, digital energy leader, added: “Poor data visibility can act as a barrier for innovation.

“Now more than ever, access to energy data and the ability to use it effectively is of crucial importance to supporting a net-zero future.

“Our work with Icebreaker One and Hippo Digital will help to open up the UK’s energy data and help create a step-change towards a truly digital energy sector, making renewable energy more readily available and accessible to UK consumers and, in so doing, supporting our journey towards a more sustainable energy network.”


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