Asite to support project management initiative for Northern Natural Gas

project management software

Asite‘s project management software has been chosen to support system integrity, reliability, efficiency and public safety for the interstate pipeline system of Northern Natural Gas

Northern Natural Gas has agreed on a new multi-year extension to use Asite’s project management software.

Northern Natural Gas stretches across 11 states, from the Permian Basin in Texas to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, providing access to five of the major natural gas supply regions in North America.

The company provides firm and interruptible transportation services between other interstate and intrastate pipelines, as well as storage services to 82 utilities and numerous producers, energy marketing companies, and industrial end-users.

To better support its vast network of clients, Northern is working to streamline its systems and procedures.

Supported by the Asite common data environment

Asite’s digital solution supports Northern’s processes to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

With Asite PPM, Northern will benefit from automated processes and workflows and simplified document management, allowing users to store and share the latest information across the value chain with full audit history and accountability.

As part of this solution, Adoddle Field for Site provides access to information remotely. Northern delivers supplies to geographically dispersed markets and, with this solution, members can view files, raise forms, and capture information while offline out in the field.

As an enterprise user, Northern will also start to benefit from the Asite Supplier Relationship Management solution, enabling the integration and management of its extended supply chain.

Asite has created a training hub on its ALearning platform to host specialist courseware developed by Northern.

The hub, which currently holds 16 private courses, allows administrators to track training progress, generate reports and issue certifications. Besides this, Asite has delivered additional custom development work to ensure that the platform fits and operates according to Northern’s requirements.

‘Providing infrastructure and capital projects with digital capabilities’

Chris Peters, SVP for North America said: “Following a successful three years of working with Northern Natural Gas, Asite is looking forward to our continued collaboration.

“We will work together to provide access to five of the major natural gas supply regions in North America and facilitate expansion of use whilst ensuring that operating and engineering procedures meet industry standards.

“Northern’s commitment to delivering not just natural gas but the solutions and tools to help improve the business of its customers is reflective of our mission at Asite to provide infrastructure and capital projects with the digital capabilities to deliver projects efficiently and to a high standard.

“Our partnership with Northern represents a huge step in the establishment of Asite as a global competitor in the construction-tech market.”


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