BIM Object


Organisations involved in the design, construction and operation of a public building are being impacted by the information requirements inherent in meeting BIM Level 2. For designers, contractors, and the contracting supply chain, this means a more disciplined and comprehensive approach to the collection and recording of data about building assets. The government goal is to provide asset data in a structured and recognisable format which can be transferred into a CAFM) system. COBie is the specified data format.

One community within construction which has only recently become aware of what Level 2 means for them are the manufacturers of building products. These manufacturers are the originators of the product data required in COBie and have the greatest incentive to ensure that this data – descriptive, performance, sustainability, etc., – is recorded accurately in BIM models. If it’s accurate in the BIM model it will also be accurate in COBie.

Here. BIMobject® detail how building products can be utilised within a BIM model and the benefits of their BIMobject portal.


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