Callsafe Services – Health and Safety


Health and safety legislation demands that safety procedures and safety plans are clearly documented. The Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 requires any company that employs more than four people must have a written policy in respect of their health and safety. Health and Safety Procedures should be tailored to the specific needs and produced so that standards of accident prevention are clearly defined, together with the methods for their implementation. In addition, employees’ health and safety handbooks are used as a reference by employees who have to work to the standards defined by the safety procedures. These should be produced as an extension of the safety procedures and complete the package of documentation required.

Not only should companies adhere to procedures and plans, they ought to have:

  • Health & safety audits and inspections;
  • Risk assessments;
  • Training in health and safety.

Callsafe Services Limited is an occupational health and safety consultancy offering a full range of services in the field of accident prevention. Not only do they cover the requirements mentioned above, they are experts in the field of CDM requirements and can act as your Principal Designer or CDM Advisor, providing health and safety advice and assistance and/or provide effective training. Their extensive experience in carrying out the CDM Co-ordinator duties in both building (including demolition and refurbishment) and civil engineering work, and their team of staff and qualified associates in many architectural and engineering disciplines, provide the skills, knowledge, experience and capability to carry out the duties of Principal Designer on most project types.


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