CDM2015 and BIM Synergy


The Building Information Modelling (BIM) process requirements and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) requirements are very similar as to their needs and objectives.

If BIM systems are used on a project and they have not been integrated with the CDM2015, we will have missed a unique opportunity in the development of project, health & safety and asset management.

Harmony between BIM and CDM2015 requirements

An example of the synergy between the requirements of BIM and the requirements of CDM2015 is the similar requirements for the Employers Information Requirements (EIR) and those of the Pre-Construction Information (PCI).

It is fairly obvious that the majority of the information required by CDM2015 would normally be included within the BIM information, with the other information relatively easily included. If this can be achieved, the health and safety file required by CDM2015 could just be the method of finding the information within the BIM information.

Having all of the relevant information within an electronic information system and 3D model should enable the asset (facilities) management to easily access the information for passing on to whoever needs it, e.g. the electrician attending to add some additional sockets, and will make keeping the information in a current condition much easier.

If the BIM information is properly updated/maintained, the majority of the pre-construction information required for a new project under CDM2015 will be within this information and therefore easily provided to the new project team. As health and safety management should be part of an effective management system, the requirements of CDM2015 should be incorporated into the overall project management system, of which BIM should be the most significant element.

Callsafe Services Limited believe that it makes economic sense, and creates an effective project management process, integrating CDM2015 into BIM. This document explains what is required by CDM2015 and how it is easily incorporated into BIM.


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