BIM is surely the buzzword of the moment in the construction sector, partly due to the impending 2016 deadline the government has set for all centrally-funded public procurement projects to be delivered using Level 2 BIM as set out in the Government Construction Strategy.

BIM enables people to interact with their projects in a visual environment, but is increasingly focussing on “the I in BIM”, the INFORMATION, which is held within the modelled objects as data. With modern BIM tools, information previously held in separate and disconnected documents, can be created and held within the modelled objects as the central repository for core project information.

The prize for all of us is a better, more efficient, higher quality, world leading industry.

Providing a simple solution to the technology and workflow issues of BIM is where Clearbox can support the process. Here they outline the solutions to enable the inclusion of BIM for your projects.


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