The use of 3D data in the planning mix is well established and this is increasingly spreading into 4D, bringing 3D visualisation together with scheduling. 4D planning can help to assure on-time delivery, through better control of lost time such as rework or time lost in the field due to problem resolution.

But 4D is just the first challenge. Even greater benefits are emerging as cost information is added into the data mix for project managers.

We need to continue to knock down the barriers to BIM and deliver affordable and accessible solutions for BIM planning and project management. Elecosoft are constantly working with their customers to provide solutions in line with ever-changing requirements and recently added an estimation tool, Bidcon, to their product range. This introduces effective 5D planning and 5D BIM, where cost is planned not just at the outset but evolved, corrected and enhanced during implementation.

Here, Elecosoft explain how 5D planning and 5D BIM can significantly improve the economics of delivering construction projects on time and on budget.


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