Elecosoft – Asta Powerproject


Jason Ruddle is the COO at Elecosoft and has more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry delivering key software solutions, products, and services to national housebuilders, contractors, and the supply chain. He is a highly experienced construction software specialist with a background spanning training, sales and business leadership and has a reputation among his colleagues for having a sound and common sense attitude towards embracing change by adopting and delivering technology.

Jason has examined how far BIM Level 2 has come regarding unification and collaboration throughout the construction industry – one of the original aims of BIM. Now, some five years on from the start of the government’s original countdown, how far has that aim been achieved?

Industry and professional bodies from RIBA to RICS, NBS to CIOB and the BIFM have all, quite understandably, focused on tracking the adoption of BIM within their own areas. Meanwhile, though, nobody has really looked at whether BIM is doing the job of creating a more integrated community.

There seems an assumption that if BIM is happening, so is collaboration and information sharing – but those are not quite the same. The recent 2016 NBS National BIM Report survey tells us that only 37% of those surveyed are using BIM from the start of a project to the very end, with only just over half (54%) of all respondents saying they are using BIM.

Jason explains Elecosoft’s role as a facilitator and enabler of BIM from the outset, reshaping their own project management tool, Asta Powerproject, to fit a BIM-centric future. In the past five years, they have enormously expanded the focus from project planning to 4D BIM and onwards to 5D BIM. They have come to a conclusion: an integrated view of projects from start to finish is a prerequisite for an integrated construction community.


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