Game changing solutions for the built environment


Clearbox brings innovative solutions for the built environment through it’s approach to BIM.

This month, as Clearbox celebrates its 500th project on their BIMXtra digital information platform, Graeme Forbes talks about the journey and the lessons learnt. 500 projects seems no mean feat looking back on the past two years. The team always recognised that we were solving the challenge of BIM with a different approach. While we foresaw the benefits we also realised the opportunity and value that our approach could
bring and this really motivated and encouraged us in the early days of what was and still is a maturing market. Of course as more and more.  Clients have come on board this has increased momentum and 500 individual projects now seems a significant milestone and certainly one
that has crept up on us.

“We have had an exciting first couple of years and as the requirements and opportunity of BIM really kick in, in this maturing market we expect to see a significant increase in traction, not least from existing customers as they expand usage.”

Our approach has always been to focus on the data. In the early days it was solely because models aren’t the best place to hold and manage the data. We saw others start to have problems storing data in the models as well as have issues with interoperability between different modelling tools. We also realised that federating the information around a single source of data also made it easier to manage different model(s)
type(s) while at the same time allowed us to bring consistent business process to manage the required tasks.


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