A house builders technical guide: Avoiding potential pitfalls from the outset


In this technical guide, Premier Guarantee offer advice on how house builders can avoid costly mistakes and ensure quality in their project

House builders can often find themselves facing numerous challenges during the building process. As one of the UK’s largest warranty providers, Premier Guarantee encounter a fair share of technical queries and have noticed certain trends in common claims.

Their expert technical team have put together the following articles to help you avoid potential pitfalls from the outset of your build.

From answering frequently asked questions around overheating in dwellings, to helping you understand the potential issues when it comes to render failure and movement in concrete bricks, this guide is an indispensable reference tool to avoid some very costly mistakes.

Premier Guarantee also provide guidance here on the importance of underground waterproofing, discussing their reliance on following the British Standard BS 8102. As the first warranty provider to insist on a Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW), they realised the importance of having an expert as part of the design and site team as recommended in the British Standard. They also have enhanced their Technical Manual and provided specific requirements and guidance on how to achieve appropriate levels of waterproofing.

Another topic area discusses how to ensure that your floor protection is adequately installed. Quite often a complete design change is often required with this type of claim. It is more than likely that the property will need to be emptied and all internal furnishings and fittings removed from the walls which is very unpleasant for the new homeowner.

Lastly, we look at the advantages of using a sole provider for both your structural warranty and building control where you’re assigned a dedicated Risk Management Surveyor who will be primarily responsible for both your warranty and building control inspections.


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