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Are you BIM Ready?

What does that really mean? Perhaps an appropriate definition would be the ability of a tier 1 contractor to demonstrate that he, together with his supply chain, is capable of managing an effective BIM to BUILD to FM process that meets the needs of the client and is compliant with current standards.

Assurance in this context to both UK Government and to the private sector as to BIM readiness is most readily provided through validation by a Third Party.

Here, Llyod’s register outline how they, as one such Third Party organisation, can offer BIM Level 2 Business System Certification across a range of scopes of BIM involvement to support supply chain access to BIM projects as well as validating Tier 1 project providers as meeting the requirements of BIM Level 2.

We also present a selection of articles that explain the various BIM Standards that need to be utilised for delivery of a successful BIM project, along with thoughts from those who are already delivering through BIM.


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