How to provide product data that clients cannot resist


Here, coBuilder provide a six step action plan to ensure firms provide product data that is useful and effective for clients

From governments and business executives to marketers and construction professionals – everyone in the construction industry today is talking about digitalisation.

In times when big ideas such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, mixed reality or Building Information Modelling (BIM) dictate what is to become of the manufacturing industry, there is a growing need for operating more rigorous digital processes in the industry challenging everything we know.

As a manufacturer, you have already spent a significant amount of your time making your products better through innovation.

When it comes to manufacturing: technology brings efficiency to your processes. It cuts down costs and helps you sell more, no arguing there. But what about the augmented product or the non-physical part of your product?

So today, in the age of big data: have you noticed that the information you already have is big enough?

Have you started thinking about the efficiencies you can achieve through optimising your DATA?

Have you started thinking about turning your product information into a powerful asset that can deliver benefits to your brand and the bottom line?

To help you answer these questions the coBuilder Digital Strategy team identified the practical actions to help you power charge the data you already have for the best commercial benefit.

This is the result: a 6-step action plan to help you transform your product information into an irresistible offer to your clients.

An essential element of any good marketing campaign is never to approach anyone with your offer before first asking them what they need. This is why an integral part of our e-book and our 6-step action plan is the 0 step – our Data Heath Check Survey.

Completing it would be the first part of a free consultation you will receive as a courtesy for your interest in this e-book. Please take the time to answer the survey questions to the best of your knowledge.

You will find links leading to the survey on each page of this e-book. So, let coBuilder help start your data journey.


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