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Fuel poverty discussions within the UK are still high on the agenda, with many organisations calling for the government to step in with measures to reduce the impact of energy costs to many struggling families and individuals. The Green Deal is a popular choice for many, but the funds available are being stripped clean within days. It is clear a more sustainable and robust plan is required to tackle energy inefficient homes.

Homes with modern levels of energy efficiency require far less energy to stay warm – as seen in countries such as Sweden where, despite a harsh climate and higher energy prices, fuel poverty levels remain much lower than in the UK. Bringing homes up to a modern standard that have a high level of energy performance is the key solution.

Thermal insulation products are a vital component to reduce energy inefficiencies and the new technology makes them a simple and effective tool. Here, Schöck detail how to mitigate thermal breaks, meet Building Regulations, and deliver an energy efficient building.


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