Steve Campbell


The Party Wall etc Act 1996, is an incredibly important piece of legislation that can protect, yet fulfil a building owner’s intention to commence building works in certain defined circumstances. It may seem almost mystical to the ‘man-in-street’, but it is a reasonably straight-forward process that followed correctly, will provide security not only for a building owner, but for a neighbour that may also be affected by direct works.

This booklet details what constitutes a party wall and where the Act applies- providing all the information necessary to understand what is, and what is not, a party wall.

We are also presenting vital information outlining the different disputes which can arise through this type of building work, and how the Act is utilised. Being ‘neighbourly’ sometimes isn’t enough, and robust agreements need to be set up to protect both the owner and a neighbour from any lengthy, costly, and unnecessary litigation process. As with all legal matters, this is an area that relies upon experts that have in-depth understanding of the process, and here, with Steve Campbell Associates, we present an informative document for your perusal.


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