Structural Warranty Supplement


    A house is the biggest and most valuable asset most of us will ever own – and a structural warranty provides that asset with invaluable protection against faults arising from defective design, materials or construction.

    This insurance cover, which normally runs for 10 years from completion of the property, means that any fundamental structural defects from rooftop to foundation are put right by the warranty provider, rather than the homeowner.

    Structural warranties can also provide protection against a housebuilder being unable to complete a property due to insolvency and a homeowner being served with a statutory notice about the contamination of land that existed at completion, as well as covering the cost of accommodation should householders have to move out during repairs.

    Most banks and building societies will require a structural warranty before they lend against a newly built property.

    This ebook examines the importance of getting a suitable structural warranty in place and the current state of the market.

    There is an overview of the process involved in obtaining a structural warranty, from initial submission of plans through to site inspections and stage certification, as well as a look at efforts to maintain standards in the industry and the introduction of the Consumer Code for Homebuilders.

    In addition, Geoff Wilkinson of Wilkinson Construction Consultants looks at the recent review of the structural warranty by the Competition & Market Authority and its recommended changes.


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