Future of construction skills to be examined by parliamentary group


The parliamentary group for the built environment is to examine the impact of the UK leaving the EU on construction skills in the future

Construction skills are to go under the spotlight, as a parliamentary group looks into the impact of Brexit on this area.

The All Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment will look at the reliance of construction workers from the EU and how this will impact the mounting skills shortage in the UK.

What impact will Brexit have future construction skills

The group will examine if the UK is able to train enough home-grown talent to cover demand or if Brexit will severely damage the construction sector.

Calls have been made to invite businesses, organisations, and individuals to submit evidence on how Brexit could damage the skills pool and what the government can do to prevent this.

Oliver Colvile MP, chair of the group said: “On the 23rd of June, the British people voted to leave the EU. One of the key issues in this historic decision was the free movement of people. However, British industry has regularly had to depend upon finding skilled labour from within the European Union.

“Therefore, it is timely that the APPG for Excellent in the Built Environment looks into the skills gap and how leaving the EU will affect that gap. It is more important than ever in order for the Government to deliver on its pledge to build more houses by the end of this Parliament.”

Written submissions are requested to be received no later than Friday 25 November 2016 and should be sent to Secretary Graham Watts OBE c/o apppginquiry@cic.org.uk


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