Hemsec appoints specialist business development manager


Hemsec has appointed Paul Nicholls as their business development manager for SIPs to help drive further planned growth and satisfy the building industry’s need for materials used in Modern Methods of Construction

The potential for timber faced insulated panels to enable the construction industry to build better quality buildings, and to build them faster is enormous. Paul Nicholl’s primary objective will be to educate and inform the sector of these huge opportunities, specifically with SIPs, and to showcase how with Hemsec as a supply chain partner companies can rest assured that they will have the highest certification standards available delivered on time, and in full.

Paul said: “I will be working with architects, developers and housing associations to explain how SIPs can contribute towards improving building insulation and sustainability, provide larger internal building dimensions, greater construction efficiency and fewer snags, thereby reducing overall operational costs and reducing the time capital is tied up in a project.

“Currently many professionals working in the industry are unaware of the key benefits SIPs offer, and my job will be to demonstrate why they are such an important solution. This in turn will help the industry to address the housing crisis in the UK, building more energy-efficient and affordable homes.”

Paul is working on a number of key projects for Hemsec. This includes a current Housing Association project where they are keen to explore the use of SIPs in their current building programme, recognising the need for innovative solutions and the benefits they offer as part of Modern Methods of Construction.

In addition to educating the sector about the benefits of SIPs, Paul will be working to develop Hemsec’s network of collaborators to meet the needs of businesses seeking everything from panel supply only to full turnkey solutions, the objective being to offer coherent and effective supply chain partnerships for all sizes of project, regardless of size or complexity.

Four months into his new role, Paul is excited about the potential of the business and is positive about the supportive culture that is an important part of the company’s success and longevity. 


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