Argyll Environmental discusses GIS in Data Visualisation


As well as being a sophisticated tool for analysing complex spatial data, GIS can also be utilised to present results in a visual engaging way. Here Jake Hawkey, consultancy manager at Argyll Environmental discusses the use of GIS in its new data visualisation service for property portfolios

Our portfolio service offers an intelligent, bespoke, data led approach to targeted risk screening and analysis for property portfolios. Using GIS and our extensive data library, we are able to screen any scale of property portfolio against a comprehensive suite of risk data and present the results on an interactive map.

This user-friendly service enables us to carry out due diligence for individual sites, either as a screen for environmental risks such as flood or contaminated land, or as a fully manual review. The results are then visualised on a bespoke interactive map, which can easily be presented to key clients and stakeholders.

Visualising portfolios

Visual representation of portfolios can be a powerful tool for management. A spreadsheet of thousands of sites with a pass or fail can be effective, but trends in areas of risk can be hard to gauge, and sharing the data may be difficult. By using an online map, properties in areas of high risk can be easily recognised, and more detailed, property specific assessments can then be undertaken where required. Bespoke filters allow you to focus on areas of interest, for example all high risk properties. Applying a staged approach also ensures resource and cost is focussed on properties at the highest risk.

An example of one of our interactive maps can be seen here. This example displays a mock-up of a number of sites across a City in the UK, separated into pass and further action results for flood risk and contaminated land. The status of the site and corresponding report can be displayed by clicking on each specific site for easy reference.

The portfolio data visualisation service, produced to highlight a client’s specific requirements, can be delivered as an online map. This means that the map is accessible on a computer, even if it does not have GIS software installed, and ensures that the underlying data is not edited. This can also be supplied as a GIS project if required, with all associated accessible and editable data.


If you would like more information on this service, or other services that Argyll offers, please contact the team on 0845 458 5250 or email



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