Britlift: Lifting modular homes


Britlift discuss being involved in 2018 in supplying lifting equipment to 12 offsite projects and securing two long term clients

2018 proved a successful year for Britlift in the Offsite Construction sector as a number of new clients came on board involved in the manufacture of modular buildings and bathroom pods for both residential and commercial use. This has resulted in 11 Britlift beams being used, starting in February 2019, to lift modules onto the worlds tallest modular building in London which will be a huge 44 stories and 38 stories of modules across the two towers! Seen in image 1.

Britlift - Two tower core modules
The two tower cores (stairwells) for which the modules on the worlds tallest modular building will surround.

During the course of 2018 Britlift were involved in supplying lifting equipment to 12 offsite projects and secured two long term clients using Britlift as their ‘go-to’ lifting equipment specialist. Project requirements included a 6 point 34 tonne complete lifting system (including all rigging) for site use, a 25 tonne adjustable lifting frame for use with an RTG, an 8 point 12 tonne complete lifting system (including rigging), a 25 tonne adjustable lifting frame (including rigging) for use on site, 11 tonne and 12 tonne telescopic spreader beams with rigging and multiple bathroom pod lifting frames and rigging systems.

Britlift have carved a path into the offsite construction sector and has very quickly positioned itself as the No.1 specialist lifting equipment manufacturer to the offsite construction market. Through the experience of past projects there isn’t much that Britlift hasn’t seen, considered, designed, manufactured or supplied, in regards to lifting both modular buildings and bathroom pods, and it is this experience and expertise that will see further projects in 2019 supplied with Britlift lifting equipment.

Britlift lifting equipment
One of the 2018 supplies; 3 off 2.5m – 4m telescopic spreader beams. Designed, manufactured, tested and paint in the UK by Britlift. All associated rigging also supplied.

As specialists in the sector Britlift are your perfect partner when a system is required to take lifting stresses out of a fragile load and make the operation safer. Britlift equipment is designed to ensure a vertical connection point to the load which reduces almost entirely removes stresses in the modules that could otherwise result in plaster cracking, unsafe or uneven lifting operation and in some case severe structural damage. Don’t take any unnecessary risk. Use the correct lifting equipment for your specific project, make sure it is CE marked and compliant with UK lifting legislation and use a specialist such as Britlift to design and build the right system that suits your project needs.

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