A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement – A Huge Milestone


Mick George Ltd discuss their involvement in the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme as suppliers of aggregates

Throughout the 21-mile stretch of Highways England’s A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme there is evidence of the substantial progress being made by the A14 Integrated Delivery Team (IDT), a joint venture between Costain, Skanska, Balfour Beatty, Atkins/Ch2M and their supply chain partners, at every juncture.

One company that plays a major part in the project’s ongoing success, is local construction specialist Mick George Ltd, which this week has reached a landmark in the project’s timeline, having supplied their one-millionth tonne of aggregates to the development.

Aggregate suppliers

Various configurations of limestone, gravel, sand, concrete and other blended or crushed materials, sourced from the business’ wholly-owned quarry facilities in the region, are included in these figures. Importantly, these statistics discount the continuous stream of concrete being delivered to the project, further reinforcing Mick Georges contribution to the highway upgrade works.

While the one-million-tonne figure is impressive, the positive consequences it represents are of equal significance. The volume equates to 51,625 lorry movements of imported materials which, as you would expect, have considerable environmental impact.

This was an important factor initially in the selection of a local company to fulfil the tender, as the contractor’s proximity to the scheme reduces the distances travelled, thereby decreasing carbon emissions.

The virtue of association

This milestone is also an achievement for Mick George Ltd and the company has received a further boost by virtue its association with the project.

In a recent ‘360 Key Performance Indicator’ (KPI) review by senior representatives of the A14 Integrated Delivery Team (IDT) Mick George Ltd was accredited with an impressive score of 86 / 100 for their concrete, aggregate and waste management supply to this £1.5bn scheme.

Cameron Bell, Assistant Supply Chain Manager for the IDT said: ‘’This is a great result and exceeds our expectations. This is Mick George’s best score on the project to date, so credit must go to the business and every member of the team involved.’’

The score represents a dramatic increase of the level attained at the last appraisal and is around 11% above what would be expected by the project leads.

Full steam ahead

The project is now in full production across all 6 sections. The half-way point, marking two years in construction will be this November and the scheme is on target for the new and improved Cambridge to Huntingdon route to open in December 2012.

Michael George, Contracting Director at Mick George commented: ‘’As a local business we are extremely privileged to have played such a pivotal role in the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme, which will inevitably leave a positive legacy in the area.’’

George Continued: ‘’It is fantastic that the A14 IDT, working on behalf of Highways England, recognises the strategic benefits of utilising local suppliers, adding long-term value and benefits to the wider local economy and communities.’’

Mick George and the Highways England’s A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme


For further information, please visit: www.mickgeorge.co.uk


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