Commercial waste can now bring value to businesses


Mick George Ltd explain how their new division is making commercial waste a commodity, rather than a costly inconvenience for businesses

It happens every year at businesses across the country: directors and senior management congregate to discuss how best to make cost savings that won’t ultimately have a negative consequence on top-line sales figures.

A whole array of subjects will be discussed, predominantly focused around headcount, salaries or general expenditure. Yet, very few actually look a lot closer to home at commercial waste as a commodity as opposed to a costly inconvenience.

commercial waste

A new commodities division

Waste management specialist Mick George Ltd has added yet another division to its growing portfolio, introducing its nationwide ‘Commodities’ function. The provision will essentially assist business operators that produce large volumes of valuable wastepaper, cardboard and plastic waste to gain a financial return from recycling.

Intriguing, but how does it work, and how does it differ from the normal commercial waste collection?

Waste management providers are predominantly tasked to simply ensure that all rubbish is removed to an agreed schedule, but rarely will either party enter into discussions beyond this.

Undoubtedly more attention is paid to the separation of ‘general’ from ‘recyclable’ waste, but infrequently does it progress any further. Whilst this contribution will certainly help the state of the environment, and perhaps marginally reduce costs for organisations in areas such as landfill tax, it does rely on your supplier’s ability to segregate and doesn’t tangibly bring finances back into the business.

Mick George Commodities focuses on streamlining waste solutions for clients by offering a fully licensed brokerage service for buying and selling recovered paper, plastic and metal materials before negotiating the best market price directly with buyers.

Given their 35 years worth of experience in independent waste management, Mick George Ltd is best placed to provide such an offering. The sheer volume of waste they already deal with from residential, trade and commercial markets means that they are more likely to achieve a higher value when selling than a company acting in isolation.

The services offered

Whether you’re a waste company or simply just a producer with surplus waste materials the concept applies in the same way, but how Mick George Commodities approach the service could be the variable subject to change.

The volume of waste in question or the level of commitment a client decides to pledge to the opportunity will dictate the method adopted. Simplistically, it may just be a case of Mick George Ltd collecting loose waste and segregating at one of their state-of-the-art waste recycling centers. Alternatively, the business is prepared to take a more comprehensive route by issuing compactors and balers directly on a client’s premises.

Mick George’s Commodities Director Adam Clover commented: “The subject of waste and how companies deal with is increasingly being scrutinised, and in all honesty is not something that takes priority in the day to day running of a commercial operation.

“Our service, is about educating about the opportunities and taking the hassle away, whilst returning financially. We recognise that there is a huge gap in the market, one which we feel best placed to plug with our experience.”

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