Copronet – We love email. Don’t we?

Emails and documents with Copronet

Copronet discuss their solution to searching documents through multiple criteria – helping to keep your construction project moving

When it comes to searching our email communication, Copronet know where our issues lie.

I think that we have all been there – you know that you have seen a comment. Or a promise. Or an assertion. Or a piece of information.

And you know that you read it in an email. So that’s fine. You just go and look for it in your email account.

And that’s when the pain starts.

You know it was from Bob (no disrespect to any readers called Bob), so you search your inbox for emails from Bob. Ah! Bother. What was the subject of the email? (after all, you get so many emails from Bob and he’s working with you on several projects). So, you trawl through message after message (you can’t search the text, which is really annoying) hoping it will jump out at you or something will jog your memory.

Then you think that maybe it wasn’t a message to you from Bob that you say that vital snippet in – maybe it was in a message from Bob to one of the other team members that you were cc’d on – now your search has just got a little more complicated. And then there is that moment of nagging doubt – maybe it was a reply from someone that Bob had cc’d you on that you saw those words of wisdom in.

Then, an hour later, you finally give up. “Screw it”. I’m paying Bob so he can find it. You then grumpily email Bob, explain what it is that you were looking for and create a whole world of pain for Bob. And then within minutes, Bob tells you that it was in a document attached to an email that he was sent from somebody you have never met

We love email, but wouldn’t it be great if…if it was a bit more like Copronet!

Copronet lets you search across documents, comments and discussions for names, keywords, specific phrases or wild cards.

There you go. Simple.  Copronet just saved you hours of frustration so that you can get (your own) coffee, get back to “home schooling” or loving working from home. Stay safe and “stay alert” (whatever that quite means).


P.S. Because we know that emails are here to stay, Copronet does operate with email systems like Outlook and Gmail so you receive and reply to notifications and discussions direct from your inbox, so you don’t have to revolutionise what you have always done.


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