BAFE, BREXIT, and Grenfell: The three things the fire industry worries about and why


Trends within the fire industry point to uncertainty, the FIA discusses the implications of rising supplier costs and a component shortage in the wake of recent events

BAFE, BREXIT, and Grenfell are three of the things that those in the fire industry are losing sleep over.

Respondents to the FIA’s Market Conditions Survey have expressed their concerns over rising supplier costs and a component shortage, as well as uncertainty surrounding Brexit, initial analysis can reveal.

Market Conditions Survey

The Market Conditions Survey, carried out initially bi-annually, and now annually by the FIA, aims to discover the trends within the industry and analyse the issues currently facing the industry.  The latest survey responses are currently being analysed to produce a full report which will later be available to download from the FIA website.

As part of the survey, respondents were asked ‘As a business, what keeps you awake at night?’ and ‘Are there any comments that you’d like to add in general about the state of trade in the Fire Sector during the last 12 months?’

The responses have been collated into raw data and two ‘wordclouds’ have been produced based on the answers, with the more popular words appearing in larger text.  The bigger the font size, the more people have used that word in their answers.

Word cloud - market conditions survey reveals trends for the fire industryWord cloud: work is one thing that those in the fire industry mention often

The wordclouds have highlighted that the ‘Grenfell effect’ has added additional pressures to those within the industry – alongside issues surrounding cashflow, deadlines, and payments.

BAFE certifications and a world post-Hackett report also appear in the wordclouds, highlighting that these too are causing some within the fire industry some headaches.

The full report, which will contain an in-depth analysis of all the results, is due for release in the next couple of weeks, and will reveal 2018’s trends and issues within the industry.

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