When should you review your fire risk assessment?


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places the responsibility on building owners, employers and occupiers to regularly assess the fire safety procedures in their buildings and in the workplace.

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When should you review your fire risk assessment?

Even though there is no fixed period for reviewing fire risk assessments, it is best practice to continually monitor the measures in place to assess how successfully the risks are being controlled. Commonly, it has become standard practice to review assessments on a yearly basis.

However, if you feel that your assessment is no longer valid, or circumstances have changed within your premises, you are advised to conduct a fire risk assessment review to assess risks which are susceptible to change.

Workplace health and safety is ever-changing.

As a business grows, the number of employees therefore increases; this may significantly affect fire safety in your building. Subsequently, additional equipment, furniture and new processes may be introduced to support the growth; again, this may impact fire precautions within your business. There is also a possibility that one of your new employees may have a disability, to which responsive safety measures may need to be introduced.

Alterations to buildings can also increase the risk of fire; these include structural alterations and changes to internal layouts, an increase of stock quantity, or even the storage of hazardous substances.

It is important to remember that a review should take place immediately if fire safety measures fail, for example, an alarm system failure or an accident happens within the premises.

What are your responsibilities?

Ultimately, as an employer or business owner, you are liable for fire safety within your business or premises. In most circumstances, a designated person is responsible to ensure a fire risk assessment has been successfully performed. However, you may wish to employ a ‘competent person’ to conduct a fire risk assessment on your behalf.

The term ‘competent person’ is often used with little explanation of what it actually means. A ‘competent person’ is not defined; this is because the required experience will vary between premises and is dependent on the associated risks. For example, a small office will have different requirements to a large warehouse distribution unit.

For more complex and larger premises, for instance multi-occupied offices, a fire risk assessment may need to be carried out by a person with the appropriate training and qualifications in fire safety.

Remember, if you do employ 5 or more people, it is a legal requirement to keep a written record of each assessment, including any significant findings. The amended assessment will ensure appropriate measures are in place and compliance with fire safety regulations is adhered to.

Stroma Tech can help you comply with fire safety regulations

Stroma Tech offers a variety of consultancy and assessment services to assist with fire safety in order to control risks and comply with UK fire safety regulations.

Our certified Fire Risk Assessors have a wide range of experience across multiple industries and varying premises of different types and sizes. We aim to assist building owners and employers fulfil their legal obligations under The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Reform Order 2005, by ensuring the services we provide are in compliance with their duties.

Find out more about our fire risk assessment services.

Reducing administrative time with Sigma

Created and supported by our in-house development team, our risk management software allows users to effectively manage and monitor their health and safety compliance through our cloud-based platform. This interactive tool enables users to store risk assessment data, including any reoccurring actions that arise from risk assessments.

Arrange a telephone consultation with a fire safety expert

If you are concerned about fire safety within your business or premises, or if you feel your fire risk assessment is no longer valid, we are offering a free, no obligation telephone consultation to provide advice on ensuring you remain legally compliant.

Book your fire safety consultation today. Alternatively, call on 0845 621 22 22 to speak to our health and safety team.



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