FP McCann’s StormHold pipe tank system


FP McCann discuss the use of their StormHold pipe tank system at the new housing development in Church View, Barnsley.

Products Supplied: FP McCann Precast StormHold system

Contractor: Howard Civil Engineering

Client: Erris Homes

Site: Church View, Barnsley

FP McCann StormHold systemWorking in partnership with sister company Erris Homes, the group is building 16 new detached properties, as well as installing the roads and drainage infrastructure on site.

As part of the drainage scheme, a large off-line attenuation tank is being installed to manage the excess storm water from the site. Consideration was given to a number of tank design options, including fully flexible plastic; however, Howard CE opted for an FP McCann reinforced precast concrete pipe system.

FP McCann StormHold systemSituated in two parallel runs, the tank system comprises 12 DN1800 standard spigot and socket pipes, each 2.5 metres in length and weighing approximately 7.5 tonnes. Additionally, there are four end-cap pipes, two of which have a pre-fabricated precast side entry access point attached for ease of inspection and maintenance. This feature eliminates the need for more costly traditional manhole construction.

Holes have been cored in the inlet end-cap units for DN 600 pipes connected back to the main drainage system via a flow control chamber. The completed system will provide the necessary storm water storage and controlled drainage run-off with the added capacity to handle a 1 in 30 year and 1 in 100 year storm event.

Andrew Rafton, Howard Civil Engineering’s Quality and SHE Manager says of the precast pipe tank design, “We have worked very closely with the FP McCann drainage designers at their Ellistown production facility to establish the most efficient and cost-effective attenuation system to match the site’s drainage requirements.

Precast concrete pipes are simple to install and have a proven track record of performing in below ground drainage and attenuation structures. Additionally, we were able to incorporate a class ‘B’ bedding design into the tank build, further reducing the costs of the project”.

FP McCann’s StormHold system offers a complete solution to stormwater management utilising tested, tried and approved large diameter precast concrete reinforced pipe technology. In-house design teams work closely with the client and contractor to ensure the attenuation system meets the engineering specification.


  • Flexibility of design to meet client specification
  • Can be used in combination with products such as pipes, culverts, tanks, manifold systems and soakaways
  • Products can be used in space restrictive on-line or off-line sewer or storm drainage systems
  • Reduction in granular bedding requirements
  • Reduction of man hours spent in excavation
  • Ease of access for maintenance via built in access points
  • The system can be adapted to load-bearing and non-load bearing applications
  • Sustainable system with design life in excess of 100 years.
  • Can be linked to SUDS related systems such as rainwater capture and re-use.
  • Manufactured in accordance with a BSI accredited quality management system conforming to ISO 9001

For further information on FP McCann’s precast tanks & chamber systems, contact the team at Wellsbourne on 017 8933 6960


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