Groupe Lamotte reviews 5 years implementation of BatiScript


Groupe Lamotte discusses 5 years use of BatiScript, the intuitive defect management solution for property site management, by Script&Go

Founded in 1955, Groupe Lamotte is a French real estate developer with a strong regional presence in South West France and with headquarters in Rennes. It is a longstanding client of Script&Go.

Groupe LamotteSince its creation Groupe Lamotte sets out to support urban development, integrate dynamic elements and satisfy its own clients’ needs. Combining these aims allows it to continuously seek excellence and to innovate.

Last year, Script&Go had the opportunity to interview an operations manager, Guirec Callac, from Groupe Lamotte on their digitisation. At the time, Callac spoke of Groupe Lamotte’s use of their construction site management solution, BatiScript. He explained how it has facilitated the digitisation of their real estate construction processes. Details of this are described in the user story construction management digitisation at Groupe Lamotte.”

BatiScript –  5 years use by Groupe Lamotte

This year, Groupe Lamotte reviewed their use of the BatiScript solution for their property site management over the last 5 years. Groupe Lamotte’s president, Jean-Marc Trihan, shared their perspective with us. This is presented in a new case study testimonial video (with English subtitles) available to watch here.

Testimonial video highlights: meeting Groupe Lamotte’s needs

The video reveals that Groupe Lamotte’s needs are increasing productivity, speed of use and ease of use, particularly during in defect management, to help their project sites obtain ‘zero defects’ status upon handover.

Their president, an assistant director and an operations manager explain how using BatiScript meets their needs.

BatiScript handwriting recognition technology
BatiScript handwriting recognition technology

Groupe Lamotte’s president, Jean-Marc Trihan explains how he had met Benoît Jeannin, Script&Go’s founder and CEO around 5 years ago and that he demonstrated handwriting recognition technology to them and that from that point on they worked together to develop the BatiScript software to fully meet the needs of real estate developers, such as themselves.

Synchronising site data using BatiScript
Synchronising site data using BatiScript

Then, Roselyne Madre, assistant director describes how she uses BatiScript to import and create project sites on a laptop and imports their project managers’ spreadsheets, lists all project stakeholders relating to each site. Each of these stakeholders then can synchronise their site data on tablets while they are working in the field.

Using BatiScript to obtain ‘zero defects’
Using BatiScript to obtain ‘zero defects’

Pierre Demas, an operations manager then describes how he uses BatiScript. He says he uses it weekly for meeting reports by updating reports from a template. Then around a month from handover, he uses it for task management, by digitally noting defects (snags) and issues, adding comments and distributing them to the individual trade contractors concerned for resolution. In doing this the aim is to achieve ‘zero defects’ status by handover itself.

The key benefits of using BatiScript to Groupe Lamotte: productivity, ease-of-use and speed-of-use

Trihan summarises the main advantage of BatiScript to him as a real estate developer is the gain in administrative productivity. Madre says that as far as she is concerned the advantage to her is its ease-of-use for project delivery. Demas describes how its speed-of-use by other members of a project team, enabled by its real-time data synchronisation capability, is a distinct plus.

Trihan concludes by saying that others have enquired about the solution they use, which is ‘a first.’

Script&Go thanks the Groupe Lamotte team for collaborating in this testimonial video ‘case study’ which should enable others around the world learn how to improve their productivity too.

Understanding Groupe Lamotte’s productivity advantage

Script&Go founder and CEO, Benoît Jeannin, provides an explanation of Groupe Lamotte’s ‘productivity advantage’. He says that it would be fair to say that “when considering the involvement of 30 salaried project managers, a 30% productivity improvement is possible.”

Considering the possible salary range for project managers of starting salary 35 K€/annum to 80+ K€/annum in the Paris area, with the majority earning 60 K€/annum:

Productivity gain = 30% x 60 = 18K€ (+ corporate taxes /annum) = 30K€
è so, for 30 project managers, 30 x 30K€ = 900 K€/annum, productivity gain is possible.

For a project assistant, dealing with the back-office, earning 30K€/annum,” Jeannin elaborates, “there could be 20% improvement and so….”

Jeannin also says that “the 200 companies working with Groupe Lamotte, trade contractors and construction site specialists included, use the BatiScript mobile app version on their smartphones, as part of their site management systems for improved communication and collaboration – reducing uncooperative behaviour during the construction management process.”

“The only competitive purpose for their smartphone use is to reach the target of ‘zero defects’ first!“


For further information on the use of BatiScript, Script&Go remains at your disposition.

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