Highway Design and 3d modelling


Have you thought about the quality of your highway designs?

If your team is still working the way they did 10 years ago then they need to adopt the BIM protocols and change the way they are working.
The benefits you can realise are as follows:

  • Clash detection
  • Direct savings on you project costs
  • Time savings on reduced design time
  • Ability to carry our 4d schedule simulation
  • Ability to extract quantities directly from your model

To give you an example, the screenshots below show the same piece of road modelled by using MX strings and Openroads.

highway design

The model on the right allows you carry out 4d schedule simulation and 5d quantities extraction.
The traditional model on the left does not.
You will always get resistance from your more experienced designers who can’t see the benefits and don’t want to change, but why should your business suffer because they are unwilling to change?

We can help you train your staff to use the latest software.
We have already provided training to Balfour Beatty, TSP, Aecom and Mott McDonald.
The photograph below is a clip from the training we recently provided to Argyll and Bute Council in our office.

Highway design

If you don’t want to train your people but you still want the benefits, we can do your highway design for you.
Please click on the link below to see the services we can offer


Click on the link below to see examples of some of our previous work.

So call now on 0191 300 1864 to discuss how we can help you or contact us via email to info@cassidyforsythe.com


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