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Mick George Ltd discuss their expansion with Mick George Telecoms, venturing into a more advanced and technologically sophisticated service.

What sets ‘savvy’ business operators apart from your average run-of-the-mill, is the ability to apply a forward thinking mindset that will help shape an environment that fosters a culture of innovation and prevention, as opposed to recovery.

Advocates of such strategies would suggest that the two approaches come hand-in-hand, and that planning ahead is a form of futureproofing and business continuity in itself. But don’t be naïve in thinking that successful organisations happen overnight, or without experiencing a fair-share of pitfalls along the way.

Nowhere is there a better example, than local company Mick George Ltd.

Since ‘One Man and his tipper’ set out back in 1978, with a dream, the business has dramatically evolved in to an empire leading the way in nationwide Construction supply services, and so much more. While progressing to the heights currently occupied, the company has undoubtedly had to endure its stake of ‘learning’ on route, hence the emphasis on investment and pro-activity.

Mick George Telecoms

It its latest quest to diversify, Mick George Ltd has ventured in to a more advanced and technologically sophisticated service than previously recognised for. ‘Mick George Telecoms’ is a dynamic addition to the company’s portfolio, that is seeking to deliver other commercial organisations with market leading solutions and support, to avoid others experiencing similar headaches.

In a changing world, where the way we do business, and particularly communicate, both internally and externally, Telecommunications is not merely a ‘buzzword’, but something companies need to be paying considerable attention to.

Traditionally, ISDN is the method utilised for transmitting communications of various types, but with BT set to ‘switch off’ this service in 2025, it’s time to start planning the best alternative, and Mick George Ltd believe they have the answer.

Headed up by two individuals with more than 25 years’ experience in the ‘Telecommunications’ industry, their new hosted telephone system, with enterprise based functionality, attributes significant advantages. Improved data connectivity, functionality, scalability, resilience, and security benefits are just some of the variables for consideration, all with inclusive and enhanced options available, training and support as standard.

Available anywhere, anytime, ‘Hosted’ platforms are now becoming the system of choice, and for good reason. This robust solution offers quality at every juncture without heavy upfront investment, running costs, or the inconvenience of changing contact numbers. To find out more, please visit www.mickgeorge.co.uk/telecoms.

Spokesperson, of Mick George Telecoms Ltd commented: ‘’The concept of our Hosted Phone System is to enhance the way businesses operate. When we approached Mick George Ltd with the creation, they instantly recognised the benefits of the product and are already reaping the rewards.’’

Cleaver continued: ‘’The impressive nature of the platform has led Mick George Ltd to invest heavily in rolling the service out to other likeminded organisations that want to gain competitive advantage.’’

Mick George Telecoms

For further information, please visit: http://www.mickgeorge.co.uk


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