BCIS sees rise in number of projects let on target cost contracts


BCIS is receiving an increasing number of projects let on target cost contracts.

There are now over 200 health projects let through Procure 21+ on the BCIS database, most of which were let on NEC target cost contracts.

BCIS has also received target cost projects from local authorities.

The projects range in size from under £1million to over £40million, with the majority being between £1million and £5million.

For over 90% of these projects BCIS has been able to prepare full elemental cost analyses from the target cost breakdown. For the remainder, group elemental analyses or total building costs have been prepared.

For some projects where a quantified build-up of the target costs was provided, it was possible to produce a project tender price index.

All the analyses carried out by BCIS were supplied to the submitting organisation, together with a benchmark report.

number of projects let on target cost contracts
Target cost contracts (Analysis of contracts on BCIS Online)

Source: BCIS

The latest report on contracts carried out by NBS* indicated that over 20% of projects were being let as target cost contracts.

Whatever the procurement route, it is likely that BCIS can produce an elemental cost analysis from the contract sum analysis. If you would like BCIS to prepare cost analyses of your projects, contact the Data Delivery Team on 020 7695 1700 or by email.

*National Construction Contracts and Law Survey 2015, NBS, November 2015


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