Site Diary – electronic contemporaneous record capture on site


COMIT discuss its implementation of electronic contemporaneous record capture as part of its site diary solution to meet industry requirements

First COMIT provided a useful summary revealing how the Site Diary solution meets a core industry business problem of how to efficiently digitise site diary information in a more contemporaneous way.

They also describe the development of Site Diary, provide a detailed explanation of the issues arising using a paper-based site journal and the nature of the solution, its usage and benefits.

The problems Site Diary resolves

Costain site workerCOMIT highlight the fact that an important part of a site worker, such as a site engineer, is following progress and issues on site. Traditionally this is done by keeping a paper-based daily diary. Increasingly often this has been written up in electronic form at the end of the day but relies on memory and handwritten notes made on site.* This is a time consuming and inaccurate method that is hard to integrate with other evidence such as photographs.

* Most of the legal value of a site diary comes from it being a contemporaneous record, made at or near the time events happen. It’s therefore critical site records are detailed, high quality and as contemporaneous as possible. This is difficult to achieve with a paper-based process.

Site diary

The paperless Site Diary solution

By providing a way of recording information on site electronically and integrating this with photographic, location and weather information and other such evidence, COMIT explains that Site Diary web app allows progress and issues on site to be tracked and a clear diary format* achieved with a higher level of quality and detail through a predominantly, if not exclusively paperless process.

*The Site Diary web app is occasionally used by site managers and site engineers to download data and print for use in meetings, otherwise there is no paper involved.

Site Diary benefits

COMIT mention how Script&Go has “improved its functionality and made it more user-friendly,” to give Site Diary the format it has today.

They outline the principal benefits that Costain, particularly its site engineers, can derive from using Site Diary as follows:

  • 1-2 hrs/day saved compared to paper-based methods
  • More accurate and detailed records
  • Time and location automatically recorded
  • Photographs linked permanently to relevant diary entries
  • Almost instantaneous diary entries available
  • No information “lost” over time. Data stored securely in the cloud
  • Easier record sharing and information sharing
  • Quicker and more reliable data and information retrieva
  • More up-to-date records should they be relied on as legal evidence

Future development of Site Diary

A frank overview of current limitations and an outline of the future direction of travel for the development of Site Diary are then given.

COMIT state that “although it is an extremely useful tool, there is still scope for improvement with both the hardware and software of Site Diary.

They go on to provide an indication of the steps being considered for developing Site Diary further, such as voice and handwriting recognition technology, to make data entry even easier.

Cost benefit: Return on Investment

As COMIT explain, Site Diary appears to offer a 1-2 hr/day/user time saving (typically for an engineer). Cost savings relating to this necessarily depend on supporting infrastructure (hardware, IT support and so on), however a ballpark guide to likely return on investment (ROI) is possible.

COMIT explain that based on £30K as a representative user salary today, “Site Diary can save £250-£500/month/user” and that even allowing for the cost of a suitable mobile device* and training, ROI is likely to be under 4 months.

*Note Site Diary can also be used for on site or offsite construction manufacturing assembly environments with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in place.

Script&Go thanks COMIT for creating this case study detailing the Site Diary solution. This should enable others worldwide, like them to understand how to improve their productivity daily, reduce risk, and benefit from using a contemporaneous electronic site diary.


For further information on the use of Site Diary, Script&Go remains at your disposition.

To discuss your individual, project wide or enterprise level needs contact Script&Go’s international team, or simply trial it for free today.




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