Ideal Modular Homes wins four lots on Prosper’s development


Ideal Modular Homes has been awarded four lots on Prosper’s construction and development works framework to build opportunities across the North East, and help deliver much-needed affordable housing

The four lots that they’ve been awarded are construction services up to, and over £1m, modern methods of construction (MMC) and principal contractor.

The scope of works will vary under each contract, but the programme primarily covers construction and development works for new build residential.

Prosper, a North East based procurement consultancy, was established by a number of Social landlords and aims to create positive outcomes and opportunities for people in their communities.

Their vision is to provide a coordinated and innovative approach to procurement strategies for the ongoing investment, regeneration, new build and maintenance programmes of its members and the wider public sector.


The DPS is divided into lots which outline the characteristics of procurements that may be undertaken under the appropriate category.

Comprising seven lots in total, the DPS was established to provide public sector organisations with a compliant procurement route for their construction and development needs.

Contractors apply to join the DPS in specific lots and regions, where they can provide some or all of the requirements.

Sustainable new builds

Luke Barnes, founder and CEO of Ideal Modular Homes, said: “We’re delighted to be awarded four lots on the Prosper DPS and are looking forward to delivering high-quality homes to fulfil housing needs across the North East while showcasing how new build homes can be beautiful and sustainable.

“We’re a BOPAS-accredited manufacturer that champions high quality, sustainable construction methods in addressing the current UK housing crisis. We can build a new home in four days with installation on-site taking just eight hours.”


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