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    Data, data, data

    Admit it. When you think of BIM the first thing that pops into your head is a 3D model. That’s fine. You’re only human. And those 3D models look really nice, so we don’t blame you. But, they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unleashing the true potential of BIM. We believe what’s really important is the data that’s attached to that 3D model.

    Data is what BIM is about because every single object in a 3D model can be described by tens or hundreds of pieces of information.

    When we first looked at BIM, we didn’t just see a 3D model. We saw the huge potential for swathes of interconnected data held within – Open Linked Data. We saw a rich semantic web of information that described the asset.

    We didn’t build a 3D viewer first. We built a semantic data engine that could understand a BIM model, extract the rich asset information and give us an infinite number of ways to slice and dice it.

    By building our BIM platform on top of semantic web technologies we are leading the way to the future.

    Why do we say this?

    Because we think our credentials speak for themselves. Founded in 1998, we were the only Project Extranet (CDE) vendor present on the leadership team responsible for the 2011 BIM Strategy Paper – leading to the UK Government BIM mandate. In other words, we’ve been working towards Level 2 BIM 2016 for a pretty long time!

    Semantic BIM – Protect your asset’s future today

    BIM brings enormous advantages to construction:

    • Walk through a virtual model of a building
    • Identify potential clashes before carrying out any work on site
    • View and optimise the construction sequence

    And more – but BIM alone is just scratching the surface of what can be achieved.

    Semantic BIM accelerates everything to the next level. Asset data is freed from proprietary models and stored in a web of connected data. Information can be queried, analysed and combined with both internal and external data sources, making for better and more informed decisions that are reached rapidly, throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

    How do we achieve Semantic BIM?

    • By communicating information needs to the supply chain

    • By capturing the right data and delivering this to decision makers

    • By linking together data sources for rich analysis

    BIM Platform Components

    Common Data Environment (CDE)

    BC 6.4 – CDE for documents: a highly configurable document management, workflow and project collaboration platform.

    BIM Data Server – CDE for models and data: manages model geometry and data supporting powerful searching across objects and their properties.

    Process Management

    BC Assure: ensures that your projects follow the BIM Execution Plan and adhere to your processes.

    3D BIM Data Viewer

    A fully integrated BIM Data Viewer supporting OPEN standards and delivering class-leading performance and scalability when viewing IFC 3D BIM models.

    Semantic BIM. The Future of BIM. Today.

    To discover more visit:

    Paul Houghton

    Product Manager

    Business Collaborator Ltd

    Tel: 0118 902 8543


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